Saturday, August 4, 2012

Dual-booting Ubuntu 12.04 with EFI in a Sony Vaio SVS13115FBB

Hello. Today I just wanted to share this tip from another blog.
I spent many hours trying to figure out a way to dual-boot Ubuntu in a Sony Vaio SVS13115FBB laptop with Windows 7 64-bit. Of course, the difficulties arose because I didn't want to use the legacy BIOS mode (I also kept GPT in the disk, by the way - no intention of switching to MBR).
This comment was also useful, as it contains some very practical basic information on installing Ubuntu in laptops with UEFI.
But the Vaio-specific tip really nailed it (and wasn't easy to find), so here is the link again:
See you.


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  2. Hi, do you think this would work on Win 8 as well? Because yesterday night I tried a similar procedure, got the Windows show up in the Grub menu and could boot into it. However after my first restart from Windows, everything was back to normal --no Grub menu and straight boot into Windows. I checked with Live USB and realized that the changes I made in /EFI/Microsoft/Boot were gone --even the backup files I created were gone!

    And what is the Vaio-specific tip? Installing the bootloader to /sda3?

    Best regards.